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For us, environment is not a trendy subject. It is something we take serious approach.

Roofing Hub aligns itself with suppliers and service providers who share a common agenda. Through collaboration with these teams, we consistently uphold their integrity and commitment—an aspect we take pride in.

When clients are receptive to, or actively seeking, our industry and specialized advice, we seize the opportunity to introduce them to innovative systems, materials, and products that are more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Contributing to the future-proofing of home safety for owners is an opportunity we proudly embrace.

Having confidence in the commitment of the teams we collaborate with toward waste reduction, enhanced sustainability, lowered carbon footprint, and overall environmental stewardship, we have identified ways in which Roofing Hub can effortlessly contribute to these shared goals.

Our Ways to Work:

  • Aligning with Global Green Tag / GreenRate certified teams and suppliers

  • Custom measuring our projects to ensure minimal waste

  • Recyclable waste generated is sent to a designated and appropriate recycling depot when it is possible

  • Continuous education on new industry products

  • Regular Expo and Webinar attendance to connect with latest industry resources

  • Retention of reusable off-cuts for distribution to community projects, team members projects or special requests

  • Providing advice to clients, builders and peers, regarding to other sustainable options.

Importance of Sustainability

At Roofing Hub we believe in the importance of sustainability.  We use Dimond Roofing® roofing products who have been implementing green building principals across the industry for a number of years now and has developed a fully realised environmental sustainability pathway to reach their goal of reducing our carbon emissions by 30% by 2030.

They are proud to have met the criteria for “Level A” certification for the Global GreenTag™ GreenRate™ ecolabel and as part of our Toitū carbonreduce® accreditation, they’re also measuring all of their essential Scope 1 & 2 emissions, as well as voluntarily measuring their major Scope 3 emissions.

To view the process Dimond has undertaken to achieve these accreditations, and their commitments to further improvement to the future, please visit their website.

(credit: Dimond Roofing)

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